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What is Full Coverage?

Posted by Brigham A. Cluff | Aug 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

What is Full Coverage – Must Watch Video

Brig Cluff and Derek Wilcock discuss all types of coverages in this video.

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Derek Wilcock: A lot of people think when they have full coverage, everything is covered and they're okay, they'll be protected. That's not the case. Full coverage could mean that your car is covered and your liability, you have uninsured and under insured, it could mean that you have med pay. There's a lot of other coverages that could be included in this type of coverage too or they assumed is in the policy, that would be maybe full glass coverage, it could be med pay, it could be disability insurance built in your auto policy. It could be towing, road side assistance. There's a variety of other coverages that could be put onto a policy but they're all optional.

I think a lot of times, people misinterpret what full coverage is and the amounts too. There's limits on coverage. To say use this term is really not a good term because there's limits to all coverages and all policies actually.

Brigham Cluff: The full coverage, it's a unicorn.

Derek Wilcock: Yeah.

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To most drivers, having this type of coverage means you have bought not only liability insurance – which is mandatory virtually everywhere and pays for the damage you inflict on other people and property – but comprehensive and collision, too.

Ideally, it means you have insurance in the types and amounts that are appropriate for your income, assets and risk profile. The point of all types of car insurance is to keep you from being financially ruined by an accident or incident.

In most cases, you'll save money in the long-term by getting full coverage auto insurance. Even with adding on a few extras, it still makes financial sense for most.

Have you made any comparisons for what it would cost you? Estimate the cost for five years of this type of coverage versus the cost if an accident is deemed your fault. In doing the math, you may be rethinking what makes up cheap car insurance. You might find that full coverage is worth it.

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