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The above-featured cases represent just a small portion of the victories we have obtained for personal injury victims in Arizona. Many of these results were obtained through settlement, and some of them were obtained by winning large verdicts at trial. We cannot provide identifying details for many of the largest results we have obtained because the applicable settlement agreements included confidentiality covenants.

We obtained the above-featured results for some of our severely injured clients, and the amounts do not reflect deductions for attorney fees or costs. Because each case is different, future clients may not obtain the same or similar results. At Cluff Injury Lawyers, our goal in every case is to get fair and honest results for our clients and their families.

  • $1,250,000 Negligent Hiring Settlement

    Read about our $1,250,000 Negligent Hiring Settlement This case involved a business that failed to run a reasonable background check on its employee, who later sexually assaulted a customer of the business. Read On

  • $3,250,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement

    $3,250,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement This case involved a hospital's failure to diagnose a virus in an infant, which caused severe brain damage. Read On

  • $1,750,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice

    Read about our $1,750,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice Baby suffered serious injury due to neglect in neonatal nursery. Read On

  • $500,000 Settlement—Medical Negligence

    $500,000 Settlement—Medical Negligence An infant died during resuscitation efforts in neonatal nursery.  At the time of settlement it was reported to be the LARGEST SETTLEMENT, TO DATE, in that county for the death of an infant making this a RECORD SETTING SETTLEMENT. Read On

  • $1,200,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice

    Read about our $1,200,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice This case involved the serious and permanent injury to an infant during birth due to medical malpractice on the part of the doctor and the hospital. Read On

  • $3,100,000 SETTLEMENT—Product Liability

    Read about our $3,100,000 SETTLEMENT—Product Liability This case arose after a tricycle malfunction caused serious injury to a child. Read On

  • $600,000 Verdict—Professional Negligence

    Read about our $600,000 Verdict—Professional Negligence This case involved the serious injury of a patient due to chiropractic negligence.  At the time of verdict, it was the LARGEST AWARD, TO DATE, given by a Maricopa County jury for Chiropractic malpractice making it a RECORD SETTING VERDICT. Read On

  • $1,141,000.00 TRIAL JUDGMENT—Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Read out our $1,141,000.00 TRIAL JUDGMENT—Breach of Fiduciary Duty  This case involved allegations of a breach of fiduciary obligations.  Read On

  • $1,700,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice

    Read about our $1,700,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice After the misdiagnosis of melanoma resulted in the wrongful death of a loved one, surviving family sued responsible party (Dr. Doe) for medical malpractice.  Read On

  • $345,000 SETTLEMENT—Negligence

    Read about our $345,000 SETTLEMENT—Negligencet This case involved allegations of professional negligence against a civil engineering firm.  Read On

  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT – Dog Bite Injury

    Read about our $300,000 SETTLEMENT – Dog Bite Injury Settlement This is a case wherein a dog owner was found to be negligent in restraining and/or controlling his dog, which caused serious injury to our client. Read On

  • $1,400,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice

    Read about our $1,400,000 SETTLEMENT—Medical Malpractice This case involved the negligence and mistreatment by Dr. Doe of the heart condition known as endocarditis (inflammation of the inside lining of the heart chambers and heart valves). Read On

  • $420,000 Verdict—Auto Accident

    Read about our $420,000 Verdict—Auto Accident Settlement When an auto accident in Arizona resulted in the serious injury to a driver's shoulder a jury found the responsible driver guilty of negligence and gave a verdict, which at the time was the HIGHEST VERDICT TO DATE for a shoulder injury cas... Read On

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