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Arizona Boating Accidents

Arizonans love their boats.  Boating goes on all year on our Arizona lakes and rivers.  Boats can be a lot of fun, until something goes wrong.  When things go wrong on a boat, a fun outing can quickly turn into a tragedy.  Tragically, too many people are catastrophically or fatally injured in Arizona boating accidents every year.  

Boating Accidents Take a Serious Toll

Boat accident injuries can impact every facet of life.  Serious boating injuries often result in huge medical and hospital bills, lost wages, disability and untold misery.  If your boating injury was caused by negligence, you need not have to pay for these losses out of your pocket.  

Call the Boat Accident Team at Cluff Injury Lawyers.  We will review and evaluate your case for free.  If we take your case, we will work to get you a maximum recovery and we will do so with no out of pocket cost to you.  We don't get paid unless we resolve the case in your favor.  

At Cluff Injury Lawyers, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of injured people who need strong, “TUFF” representation to get the justice they deserve.  Call us now to schedule your free initial consultation and evaluation.

Why Do Boat Accidents Happen?

Boat accidents that cause serious injury happen for a variety of reasons.  At Cluff Injury Lawyers, our Boat Accident Team is prepared to handle any boat accident case, including boat accidents caused by the following:

  • Drugs and Alcohol:  Operating boats under the influence is a leading cause of boating accidents.  
  • Racing or Speeding:  Boat operators are required to travel at reasonably safe speeds.  Excessive speed kills on lakes and waterways, just like it does on roads and highways.
  • Boat Collisions:  Carelessness, distractions and disregard for safety lead to boats colliding with each other and other obstacles.  
  • Propeller Contact:  Too often careless, inattentive boat operation results in someone being struck by the boat's propeller.  The results are disastrous.  Propeller contact injuries cause massive, disfiguring tissue injury, amputations and even death.  
  • Ejection from boat or pull toy: Persons are ejected from boats and pull toys when the boat operator makes unsafe turns or starts at unsafe speeds.  Boat and pull toy ejections can cause serious and even fatal injuries to passengers.  
  • Violation of Regulations: Arizona has strict laws governing the safe operation of boats on our lakes and waterways.  When boat operators violate these laws devastating injuries can and do occur.     

Why You Need an Attorney Now!

Immediate Investigation

After any boating accident involving serious injury, Call Cluff Injury Lawyers.  In any serious boating accident, visiting and investigating the scene of the accident is required as soon as possible.  Any witnesses must also be interviewed.  Any reports prepared by local, state or federal investigators must be reviewed.  Any important physical evidence from the scene, including the boat or boats and equipment involved must be identified, documented with photos and/or videos and carefully preserved.  After finding and preserving necessary evidence the boat accident can then be reconstructed by experts who can approximate the position and speed of the boat or boats involved at critical times.

Let Cluff Get Tuff

Insurance companies like to treat accident victims like a number. At Cluff Injury Lawyers we say, “Let's make it a BIG NUMBER!”  Our Boat Accident Team at Cluff Injury Lawyers will perform an extensive accident investigation and reconstruction.  If negligence was involved, we will find it.  At Cluff Injury Lawyers, we represent people injured in a variety of different boating accidents, including boat collisions, boat/pull toy ejections, propeller contact.   If you or a loved one was injured in a boat accident, we will get you the answers you need and the maximum compensation you deserve.  

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