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ShoulderFlex Massager FDA Warns of Death and Serious Health Risks

Posted by Brigham A. Cluff | Dec 09, 2012 | 0 Comments

ShoulderFlex Massager Life Threatening Injuries and Death:

August 31, 2011

On August 25th 2011 the FDA issued a safety warning regarding the reported death associated with the ShoulderFlex Massager. FDA warns that the home massager can pose “serious heath risks”. The device is linked to the Christmas Eve death of Dr. Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson whose necklace got caught in the rotating parts and quickly tightened, causing the doctor to lose consciousness and eventually die from lack of oxygen. One other near strangulation has also occurred when a necklace or clothing became entangled with the device's moving “fingers”. In addition the FDA reports that they are aware of other incidents when clothing or hair was intertwined with the device.

ShoulderFlex, distributed by King International has been on consumer shelves since October 18th, 2003 and has been sold to nearly 12,000 customers. ShoulderFlex is an in-home massage system that asks the user to lie on a flat surface with the massager placed at the nape. Individual “fingers” provide a shiatsu-like “deep tissue massage” to the neck, shoulders and back. It is these fingers, as noted earlier, that pose a grave health risk to users.

Those who have the ShoulderFlex massager in their homes are asked to discard of the product immediately and to be sure to toss the individual pieces (the power supply and each “finger”) separately and in different locations so as to prevent reassembly. If you are a physical therapists and other professional who may employ the use of the ShoulderFlex Massager, please discontinue using this item on clients immediately and discard of the device separately, as instructed.

Doctors and Chiropractors who recommend this product should advise their patients to stop using the in-home massager and post warnings in their offices, as well as, discontinue recommending ShoulderFlex in the future.

If you or a loved one have been harmed by the ShoulderFlex Massager you need to report the incident to the FDA and please contact the Arizona ShoulderFlex Attorneys Brigham Cluff or David Cluff if you have any questions for a free consultation today regarding product liability concerns.

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