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Introduction to All About Arizona Juries

Posted by Brigham A. Cluff | Mar 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

All about Arizona Jury Duty

Brigham Cluff of Cluff Law put together a 7 part series, titled All About Arizona Juries, that discusses Arizona Jury duty from a few viewpoints. This video is an introduction to what the rest of the series will cover.

Start Transcript Introduction to All About Arizona Juries

Hi. This is Brigham Cluff. Thank you for tuning in to watch my video series, All About Arizona Juries. I'm going to break this up into seven segments.

  1. The first video is that you'll never believe this one weird trick for getting out of jury duty in Arizona.
  2. The second video is how to deal with the problem of bias.
  3. The third video is trusting in the jury.
  4. The fourth video is in the science of focus groups.
  5. The fifth video is differences between juries in state and federal courts.
  6. The sixth video is the founding fathers' view on jury service.
  7. The seventh video is everything you think you know about juries is wrong.

Please watch all of my videos in my series, All About Arizona Juries, and I'd be happy to have feedback from you, and I'll reply to any comments that I receive.

End Transcript Introduction to All About Arizona Juries

All About Arizona Juries 7 part Series

Intro to All About AZ Juries

  1. The #1 Trick to Getting out of Jury Duty in AZ
  2. The Problem of Bias in Juries
  3. Trusting the Jury
  4. The Science of Focus Groups and Juries
  5. Differences in Juries between State & Federal Court
  6. The Founding Fathers and their view on Jury Service
  7. Everything you think you know about juries is wrong

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