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Fees & Personal Injury Attorneys: What to Consider



There are industry norms for fees for personal injury and wrongful death cases. In general, the standard fee is one-third (1/3) of the settlement amount if no litigation is required. The percentage usually goes up if litigation is required, and it will increase further if the case goes to trial.

There's no uniformity, however, in the fees that attorneys charge. Some attorneys advertise that they're “discount lawyers,” and that they charge reduced rates. It's true, they do charge reduced rates, but in our firm's experience the clients don't actually get more money in their pocket because of those reduced rates: They get less money in their pocket because the value of a case is not static, it's dynamic. It changes based on what an attorney can do.

An attorney has a tremendous influence over the value of a case. If one attorney charges only 29% of the value of the case, that sounds better than an attorney who charges 35%. However, 71% of $10,000 dollars is a lot less than 65% of $100,000 dollars.

Percentages should not be the deciding factor. The quality of your attorney needs to be the deciding factor.

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