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Take a look and see how our expert team of legal professionals won this car accident victim case.

Start Transcript: Car Accident Victim Case

We got a call from this client in the early stages of the case, and frankly it was a case that at the early stages didn't look like it was going to be a huge case. It was a car accident case; it was a rear end collision. There was no dispute as to who was at fault but there just didn't seem to be a ton of damage in the case. The car itself didn't have much damage that was visible to it and it was not immediately clear that our client had suffered a real significant injury.

At the early stages of this case she had gone in to her doctor and she was not feeling good. She was getting some treatment and some physical therapy. We thought this is a case that in the ordinary course of things where she'll probably be feeling a lot better in six to eight weeks and we'll probably gather medical records and bills and send off a demand letter and probably not a super-complicated case and we'll get it settled and that will be that.

That's not how this case progressed. The client, instead of getting better over the ensuing weeks, was getting worse. Her condition was deteriorating significantly. She wound up requiring multiple surgeries and ends up with some permanent back pain. She's not disabled from the accident but she does have some permanent restrictions that she's going to be dealing with for the rest of her life.

In that case, if we hadn't really properly vetted that case and worked up the damages portion of that case, if we were in too big of a hurry to just get this thing wrapped up, our client wouldn't have gotten the settlement that we got her. We ended up settling that case for 300,000 dollars. That was a success story where I could see that we had really done right by this client. We had made sure her injuries were properly documented, that she was getting the right kind of treatment, and that we were on top of it.

This was a case where when we at first submitted our demand that the insurance on the other side said “Oh, forget about it. We're not going to pay you anywhere near the kind of money that you're looking for.” We filed suit on it and we thought if they're not going to settle this case with us then we're going to take it to a jury. We filed suit and we were aggressively litigating this case.
Had we not pursued that there is just no chance that she would have received anywhere near the kind of money that she got in this case. That was a success story for her. I don't want to give the impression that that's what's going to happen on most fender bender-type cases. Usually that's not what happens but it's an example of what happens when you have an attorney that is really on top of the case an maximizing the value of it.

End Transcript: Car Accident Victim Case

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