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Depositions Overview – 2 Part Video Series

At depositions, a person appears at a specified time and place and gives sworn testimony—under oath, usually with a court reporter there so a record is made for the case.

They usually happen during phase one or the “discovery phase” of a personal injury case. This phase occurs after a lawsuit is filed but before a settlement or trial. In this phase, a lawyer will ask questions to the person being deposed also known as the “deponent” very similar to what happens at trial. In certain circumstances, the deposition testimony could be admissible in Arizona court.

Subject to a few limited exceptions, it is possible to depose any person(s) who are suspected to have knowledge of the facts related to the case and ultimately lawsuit. A deposition can be extremely long and often stressful. However, a person can be compelled to attend a deposition through the use of a subpoena. Because many people will not voluntarily appear at one out of pure good will, a subpoena is served to a person to appear at the specific place and time for testimony.

How Long Do Arizona Depositions Take?

Under Arizona rules, a deposition is limited to four hours. Typically, if the case is very matter-of-fact and to the point, a deposition normally lasts anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours. It's always best to consult your attorney if you need more advice on how much time to plan out.

We always stress to our clients they should plan enough time to not feel rushed. As these videos will imply. it is important you take your time, listen and answer.

Top 7 Deposition Tips

Deposition Information

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